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RESET 2020 - The Bathrooms

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Bathrooms are essential to every household. We use them daily and therefore its important to keep them organized and clean.


(1-5 hours, depending on the size of room)

Start with the largest bathroom, once you have mastered that one, the small ones will be super easy to tackle because you will be a master by then.

You will need:

wipes or cleaning cloths (go green) and supplies (go green for sure), labels, baskets or other items to store your belongings, vacuum and mop, label maker (or chalk pen or sharpie), containers

3 Steps to a more Organized Bathroom

Purge, Organize, Store

1. Purge

Take all items out of shelves and drawers. Wipe and clean shelves and drawers.

Check for products and their expiration, get rid of broken, old or outdated items, items you don't need anymore. See what expired, recycle items or give away (or sell).

Make sure you recycle medication adequately at your local pharmacy or recycling station.

Sort and group your items by category (i.e. nailpolish, lipsticks, lotions, meds, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, towels etc). Get rid of any old hair brushes, clean the ones you want to keep regularly.

Towels - this is a good time to examine how old and used your towels are. Any stained or very used towels can be utilized in any other way (give them to the local pet store or vet, use them for your garage or drying your car).

2. Organize

Now that you have gone through all your belongings and decided what is essential and needed, it's time to figure out where they go:

Medications can go in a see through box or other which you can label. I like to store meds dry and dark (unless you need to refrigerate) and out of reach of small kids (so on a high shelf out of reach or locked away).

Sort nail polish, lipsticks, make up, razors etc. by color and place in labeled boxes or compartmentalized containers (See IKEA or storage store, container store

This is also a good time to wash your make up brushes and clean your hair brushes. Sort curling iron, blow dryer etc.

3. Store

Towels can be placed nicely on a shelf (roll or fold) or a basket on the floor, or hung from a towel rack. They can definitely add a nice visible touch to a bathroom depending on how they are placed.

TIPP: Wash towels always on the hottest cycle to get rid of bacteria and stains, dry thoroughly and fold nicely and put on shelves. Change bath and hand towels frequently (1-2 per week). Same applies to bath mats.

Toilet paper, cotton balls, ear sticks refill toothbrushes and paste can be stored in containers that are labeled or baskets (toilet paper). If baskets (,,, )are going to be placed visibly, get a nice one that goes with the decor. After all, you want to enjoy the room and interior is an important component to organizing and a rewarding one in the end. Make sure you label so all items can be visible and are easily accessible at any time for you.

Once everything has a place and is grouped, close the drawers and wipe down the outside cabinets. Scrub down the sink, tub and shower, toilet and deep clean it all. Wipe down mirrors, tiles, shower doors (always use a squeegee), hardware (calcium deposits). Vacuum and mop.

Essential items for a bathroom to make your life easier and more efficient


A rag to wipe down water stains or left over toothpaste etc


For decor add a plant (also gives you good air)

A candle on your tub or ledge of window, room spray to freshen up the room (esp. in powder rooms)

Baskets and trays are a nice visual component that also adds texture and interest to your bathroom and gives it personality

Nice bathroom hooks and towel racks

Vessels (just like containers and baskets, a nice glas vessel can be used to display your cotton balls or favorite soaps).

I added some inexpensive decor ideas (click on picture to follow link)

These are some cute IKEA finds that are inexpensive and add a lot of bang for your buck (links in text)!


It's the beginning of the year, I replace the toilet brushes frequently (inexpensive at IKEA and hygienic).

Make sure you check all your light bulbs and replace the ones that don't work anymore.

Check any battery operating items, replace the batteries if necessary, clean charging stations (i.e. toothbrush or razor).

Clean the drains of your tub and shower.

Check toilet seat - old worn-out and stained seats can be replaced too for a small amount of money (unless you have super pricey toilets).

Decalcify shower heads and faucets regularly (depending on area where you live, the water can be very hard), this will prolong the live of your appliances and hardware.

Make sure you make it a habit to put things where they belong regularly, even if just once a week during your cleaning cycle.

Stay organized,


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